Chile: Doped-Up Daredevil Dies in Deadly High Wire Act

This gives a whole new meaning to high times.

A Chilean man’s shocking, drug-fueled acrobatic stunt literally went up in flames when he was electrocuted while scaling an electric tower in the country’s capital.

The man, identified only as Miguel, climbed the electrical tower in Santiago, spent about 30 minutes swinging around as traffic passed below and firefighters tried to coax him down before he swung onto a high-voltage cable. As his leg touched one of the cables, a massive explosion occurred, killing the amateur acrobat instantly and shutting off power to about 500 homes in the city’s Lo Prado neighborhood.

Area residents called the police after seeing the man 'playing around' on the tower near his home, local reports said.

At about 4 in the afternoon, a crowd began to gather as the doped-up daredevil began swinging back and forth on the tower’s beams, only inches away from the live wires.

Firefighters put an inflatable crash pad underneath the tower and tried in vain to convince the man to come back to the ground.

As he hit the wire, the ensuing explosion not only left the acrobat dead but set fire to two homes nearby.

According to a neighbor, Miguel’s high wire stunt wasn’t an isolated incident. Locals said that he had climbed the tower many times before while high on drugs.

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