Chemist says VX byproduct was on Kim murder suspect's shirt

A byproduct of VX nerve agent was found on the shirt of the Indonesian woman on trial in Malaysia for the murder of the half brother of North Korea's leader, a chemist said on Thursday.

The testimony was the first evidence linking VX to either of the two suspects.

Previous witnesses have testified the nerve agent was found on Kim Jong Nam's body and belongings and have identified acute VX poisoning as the cause of Kim's death.

Government chemist Raja Subramaniam told the court he found VX acid, a byproduct of the banned chemical weapon, on Siti Aisyah's sleeveless T-shirt.

Raja said VX will degrade when it reacts with water, leaving detectable byproducts, and a person can fully decontaminate their hands by washing and scrubbing.

Aisyah of Indonesia and Doan Thi Huong of Vietnam pleaded not guilty on Monday, the trial's first day.

They are accused of wiping VX on Kim's face in an assassination widely thought to have been orchestrated by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The post-mortem report said toxicology tests found traces of drugs in Kim's body used to treat diabetes, hypertension and gout. The report gave Kim's age as 46 and his name as Kim Chol, the pseudonym he used in the North Korean passport he carried at the time of his death.

The Associated Press contributed to this report