British Man Jailed After Proudly Showing Cops iPhone Riot Video

MANCHESTER, England -- A man who filmed himself taking part in England's summer riots received a jail sentence Wednesday after he tried to impress cops by showing them iPhone footage of the disorder.

Graham Frew shocked police officers -- who visited his home on an unrelated matter -- when he proudly showed them cell phone footage in which he encourages a fellow rioter to throw a can at somebody's head, during a riot in Manchester, northwestern England in August.

A police officer was injured by a missile during the riot, but there was no evidence to connect him to that attack, the Manchester Evening News reported.

The 22 year old later showed cops the video in an effort to impress them, without realizing it would land him in trouble, Manchester Crown Court heard.

His lawyer Bob Elias described him as "naive, to the point of silliness."

"His silliness is really conveyed in the footage that he took -- that was his iPhone, held up as he span around, reveling in it," Elias said.

Judge Martin Rudland gave Frew a six-month jail term for what he described as an "act of folly."