Belgian man finds out his wife of 19 years was born a man

A Belgian man is battling the country’s court system to get his marriage annulled after finding out that his wife of 19 years was born a man.

Jan, identified only by his first name, told the Het Nieuwsblad newspaper that he discovered his Indonesian wife Monica underwent a sex change after he and his son heard rumors, according to the Telegraph.

"I brought her to Belgium. That was not easy. The Belgian courts had serious doubts about the authenticity of her birth and her identity papers, but eventually they accepted it anyway,” he said. “I thought she was an attractive woman, all woman. She had no male traits."

Jan, who is now undergoing psychiatric treatment, added that he decided not to have children with his wife because he had two in his previous marriage, and that Monica pretended to menstruate by using sanitary towels, according to the newspaper report cited by the Telegraph.

Belgian courts have so far refused to let the marriage be annulled.

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