Australian teen allegedly posed multiple times as a police officer

An 18-year-old allegedly posed as a police officer at an Australian police station in what has been labeled a major security breach for the force.

The teen obtained a police uniform and a full police utility belt -- complete with handcuffs, police issue baton and holster -- and worked at the watch house in Western Australia's capital Perth on several occasions, Australia's public broadcaster the ABC reported.

It was not clear if the young man had any contact with prisoners or was able to access police computers during his time at the station.

Police Inspector Bill Munnee confirmed the security breach to The Western Australian newspaper Tuesday, saying the teen had been charged and would face court later this month.

He said there was an ongoing investigation into the incident.

Shadow state police minister Michelle Roberts said the allegations were disturbing.

"This is truly frightening and it points to a major systems breakdown," she told the ABC. "It's an incredible breach of security and some questions need to be answered immediately."

The ABC also said several police uniforms had been removed from the man's home, but others were still missing.