Armoured truck guard sought after fatal shooting had been on job 3 months, friend says

A close friend says the armoured truck guard sought by police after a deadly heist at the University of Alberta had been on the job for only three months.

Steven Munz says Travis Baumgartner wanted to eventually become a police officer and was excited when he landed the job with G4S.

Munz says the 21-year-old completed two-weeks of training with the company in Calgary before starting night shifts in Edmonton.

Munz is surprised police consider Baumgartner a person of interest after the bloody heist.

He says Baumgartner lives with his mother and step-sister in Sherwood Park, a bedroom community just east of Edmonton.

Police say Baumgartner was on shift with the four guards who were shot - three of them fatally.

They say Baumgartner is not a suspect because investigators are not sure what role, if any, he played in the shootings.