Former Haitian leader Jean-Bertand Aristide has returned to the campaign trail a day after passing out while supporting his political faction's presidential candidate.

The former president was brought to a hospital in the northern city of Cap-Haitien after collapsing while preparing to speak on behalf of Fanmi Lavalas candidate Maryse Narcisse.

On Saturday, Aristide told reporters he was feeling better and would continue stumping for Narcisse.

The twice-ousted ex-president also insisted there's "a lot of dirty money" and numerous "professional liars" tainting Haiti's presidential campaign. A redo election is scheduled for Oct. 9.

Aristide said he wouldn't get involved in politics upon his return to Haiti in 2011 after seven years of exile in South Africa. But he is actively campaigning for Narcisse and encouraging voters to support Lavalas.