Albuquerque bus driver thrown out windshield after wild accident, receives minor injuries

An Albuquerque bus driver had one wild ride late last week when he lost control of the bus after a crash with another vehicle and then slammed into a stone object and flew through the windshield of the bus.

Various cameras on the bus captured the accident, and they show the unnamed driver, who was not wearing his seatbelt, desperately trying to control his vehicle after being hit by a pick-up truck that ran a red light.

Debris from the back of the pick-up is seen flying through the driver’s side window as he attempts to steer the bus from danger, but seconds later it collides with a stone object at a park and comes to a jarring halt. The driver is then thrown halfway out of the bus from the force of the impact.

Surprisingly neither the driver nor the owner of the pick-up were critically hurt and were treated for minor injuries following the accident. The bus operator can be seen on the video immediately getting back on his feet.

Footage from the accident shows severe damage to the vehicles involved. The driver was beginning his shift, and no passengers were aboard.

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While the bus is considered totaled, Rick DeReyrs, public information officer for the ABQ Ride, told the New York Daily News that the accident was not the fault of the driver, who has an impeccable record.

"There was nothing he could do, it was entirely non-preventable," he said.

It is unclear whether charges have been filed against the pick-up driver.

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