Afghan officials report Taliban attacks, uptick in violence

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Afghan officials say the Taliban have launched attacks on multiple fronts in the country, including a strategic tunnel in the Hindu Kush mountains.

Tuesday's attacks are the first uptick in violence since the Muslim holy month of Ramadan ended in early July. Violence typically takes a downturn during Ramadan's dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Police commander Nabi Ghichi says attacks are underway in northern Kunduz province's Qalay-i-Zal district, where his men are outnumbered.

In southern Helmand province, Maiwand Zazay, spokesman for the 215 Army Corps says the Taliban attacked Sangin district but were repelled with airstrikes.

Police commander Mohammad Ayaz says the Salang Pass tunnel in the Hindu Kush, between Parwan and Baghlan provinces, was also attacked.

The Soviet-era 2.6 kilometers (1.6 miles) -long tunnel links the country's north and south.