A look at the countries migrants are leaving to go to Europe

The U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees says Syrians and Eritreans were by far the biggest groups among migrants and asylum seekers making the risky crossing of the Mediterranean Sea last year to seek refuge in Europe. This is its breakdown of the nationalities of those who arrived between January and October 2014, when the agency counted roughly 200,000 people who landed in southern Europe. It does not include those who died or disappeared while crossing:

Syrians: 31 percent

Eritreans: 18 percent

Afghans: 5 percent

Malians: 5 percent

Nigerians: 4 percent

Gambians: 3 percent

Somalis: 3 percent

Palestinians: 3 percent

Bangladeshis: 2 percent

Other sub-Saharan Africans: 10 percent

Other nationalities: 16 percent