Two dead men have been found hanging by their hands off highway bridges around the northern Mexico city of Monterrey in less than 24 hours, police said Tuesday.

Police say the first was found Monday, and his body was burned. Police said the burned man appeared to have been dead before the gang hung him from the span.

The second man was found in the nearby town of Guadalupe early Tuesday. Witnesses say he was suspended from the bridge at around 7 a.m., but police found him in the river below because the rope snapped under his weight.

Police could not immediately confirm residents' reports that he had also been shot.

Monterrey's overpasses have seen several gang killings this year, often carried out in daylight in view of drivers on busy streets below.

Two other men were found dead and a teenage boy shot and hanged by his arms but alive last week in the same spot where the burned man was found Monday.