Work-life balance. It's a topic that entrepreneurs, particularly female entrepreneurs, are often asked to speak about. We all want in on the secret – what are their tricks for miraculously juggling the demands of starting a business with the demands of maintaining a healthy family and personal life?

"I don’t know if I believe in the concept of work-life balance," says Kegan Schouwenburg. "I believe in doing things that you're really excited about, and surrounding yourself with people that are doing things they are really excited about."

Schouwenburg is the co-founder and CEO of SOLS, a company that creates 3-D printed orthotic insoles. Since 2013, she's watched her company evolve from a handful of people to more than 60 employees.

The last couple of years have been an understandably busy time; SOLS is Schouwenburg's first company, and she's pouring everything she has into making it a success. Luckily her husband, Robert Schouwenburg, the co-founder of 3-D marketplace Shapeways, has some insight into her entrepreneurial work-ethic. "He's always telling me that have blinders on," she says. "But that's ok with me. You make a choice when you become an entrepreneur that this is the kind of life you want to live."

Watch the above video to hear more about Schouwenburg's philosophy on work-life balance – and the one hard rule she tries to maintain.


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