While lots of folks might want to be known as sexy, one woman in Ohio wants to be known as Sexy, with a capital S. Yes, Ranea Crabtree will appear before a judge next month to request the name change, reports the Columbus Dispatch.

Her real first name is actually Sheila, but she hates it so much she's gone by Ranea, her middle name, for years, and refers to her first name as "my ugly name," reports FOX19.

The Pataskala mother of two teens (who say the punishment for uttering "Sheila" is a grounding) says she chose "Sexy" in part because she wears "Victoria's Secret clothes all the time," so why not? At her Feb. 11 hearing, Crabtree will have to plead her case, and the Dispatch notes that the majority of the time names are given the green light.

In fact, neighboring Franklin County has turned a Clyde into a Genghis and allowed Daisha to add Princess to her name. But if Crabtree isn't so fortunate, she has a backup plan: "If he denies it, I'm just going to go for Sparkle and wish he had gone for Sexy." Licking County Judge Robert Hoover will hear Crabtree's case, and he has said no before, to a would-be "Winnie Pooh." But Time susses out what must be the weirdest name change of all, from Britain: Daniel Knox-Hewson's switch to Emperor Spiderman Gandalf Wolverine Skywalker Optimus Prime Goku Sonic Xavier Ryu Cloud Superman HeMan Batman Thrash.

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