A Wisconsin woman says a Southwest Airlines flight attendant barred her from calling her husband after he sent her a suicidal text, and she's wondering if more could've been done to save his life.

Karen Momsen-Evers says she got a text from her husband moments before her April 3 flight left New Orleans.

She told WTMJ-TV this week (http://bit.ly/1QM4pjE) that she texted him back and was about to call him when a flight attendant told her to put the phone in airplane mode, citing Federal Aviation Administration regulations. Another flight attendant denied her request to make a call once the flight was cruising.

Police told Momsen-Evers her husband, Andy, was dead when she arrived home.

Southwest Airlines told the station pilots were not notified of an emergency and offered condolences.


Information from: WTMJ-TV, http://www.todaystmj4.com