A woman was found holding her own eyeball outside a South Carolina church Tuesday after removing it herself, authorities said.

Rev. Terry Mitchell, a retired minister, assisted the woman and said it appeared that she had intentionally hurt herself on nearby railroad tracks. He said the woman was young-looking, and fought against anyone who tried to help her, FOX Carolina reported.

"It took two or three of our guys and two ENTs, I believe, to kind of subdue her enough for them to start rendering aid," Sheriff Chad McBride told the station.

Once the woman was restrained, she was airlifted to a hospital and received medical treatment.

Authorities said no charges will be filed since no crime had been committed. Any details regarding why the woman hurt herself have not been disclosed.

Church member Lee Harris told the Independent Mail that congregants who watched the event unfold had been “traumatized” by the experience and were able to receive counseling at the church.

"We are a strong community and we will continue to help,” Harris said.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.