Woman charged in death of her newborns given bond

A young Tennessee woman charged with murdering her newborn twins could be released from jail if she can come up with a $250,000 bond.

Supporters of 25-year-old Lindsey Lowe packed a courtroom on Monday and several testified on her behalf.

That included her father, Mark Lowe, who says Lindsey is a good daughter.

Lowe says he had no idea she was pregnant before finding an infant's body in a laundry basket on Sept 14.

Police then found the second body in the basket in Lindsey Lowe's bedroom.

Family friend Debbie Naylor says even those who love Lindsey may never be able to explain her actions. But she says Lindsey is not a monster.

Police say she smothered her sons minutes after giving birth at her family's home in Hendersonville.