Woman at Center of Pennsylvania Arrow Killing Claims Self-Defense

The girlfriend of a western Pennsylvania man fatally shot with a bow and arrow says her estranged husband was acting in self-defense when he allegedly killed her lover.

Thirty-eight-year-old Lisa Woolley was still living with her husband, but says she had hoped to marry 43-year-old Tony Bittinger before the fatal confrontation between the two men outside the Woolley home Sunday afternoon.

State police and the Somerset County District Attorney have yet to decide whether to charge Woolley's husband because he may have been acting in self-defense.

Lisa Woolley tells the Daily American of Somerset that Bittinger had a small wooden club and that her husband suffered head injuries before he shot Bittinger. Bittinger's family says he never threatened Woolley's husband.

Police are waiting for toxicology tests from Bittinger's autopsy before deciding whether to prosecute.