Woman, 94, fighting city to keep her 'Impeach President Trump Now' sign

A 94-year-old Illinois woman who wants to “Impeach President Trump Now”, according to a large sign on her front lawn, is now fighting the city she lives in to keep her message up.

Elgin resident Myra Becker said he put the anti-Trump sign up in February and had no complaints until a city code officer stopped by this week to tell her to take it down – or face a written violation and $50 fine.

“I can’t march anymore and I’m not great at protests because it’s cold and chilly and windy, and I’m on a walker that doesn’t make it very good, but I can put up a sign,” Becker told Fox 32 Chicago.

The city says the message on the sign is not the issue – it’s the size. A spokeswoman told the Chicago Daily Herald  they received a call from a resident asking if Becker’s sign is allowed by code, and after investigating, determined that it is around 11 sq. feet in size, much bigger than the city’s 3 sq. ft. limit.

“I didn't think about the code. I should have, but I didn't,” Becker said. “I’m going to try to figure out how we can make it conform to the requirements and we will see how that works out.”

Becker added a sign company is visiting Wednesday to see if they can make the sign smaller.

A self-described lifelong Democrat, Becker says she has voted for some on the other side of the aisle, but is not a fan of Trump or some members of Congress.

“I think the Republican Congress people are wimps. I guess, whatever word may be better, you use your judgement,” she said in an interview with WGN.

However, not everyone who lives around Becker agrees with the sign’s message.

“If you live in this country how can you be anti-president?” one of her neighbors, Frank Shields, told the station. “The man has done wonders for this country in spite of half thinking he didn't.”