A woman's bloody body and the bodies of two young children were found in a car Thursday in New Orleans, hours after police issued an advisory that a suicidal 25-year-old woman had disappeared with her children, ages 5 and 3.

The bodies have not been positively identified as those of Michelle McCullum and her children, but the dark blue 2014 Nissan Murano matched the description of her car and license plate, said Detective Juan Barnes, a police spokesman.

Police had said in a news release that McCullum was having personal problems and had told her mother Wednesday night that she was suicidal, had a gun and might hurt the children.

David DeGruy, a diesel mechanic at Richards Disposal Inc., said he checked the SUV parked near the garbage company's office in eastern New Orleans after one of his drivers said someone was slumped behind the wheel and immediately dialed 911.

"She was slumped over, leaning towards the passenger side. She had blood all over her head and shoulder," he said.

He said he did not see the children then. After police broke a window and then opened the doors, he said, he saw what appeared to be children's bodies on the floor in the back.

The office is near a junkyard in an area where mattresses have been dumped alongside the road and a junked boat is overgrown in weeds and bushes.

The coroner plans to perform an autopsy and identify the bodies, Barnes said.