Wisconsin Man Found Guilty of Disorderly Conduct Over 'Planking' Spree

A Wisconsin man was convicted this week of disorderly conduct after going on a so-called "planking" spree that involved lying on top of a police squad car and ATM machine.

Alexander Hart, 19, was found guilty by a municipal court judge in Manitowoc over incriminating photos and videos he posted online of his planking escapades, the Smoking Gun reported.

A city prosecutor used the YouTube video and 10 photos on Facebook as evidence against Hart, who claimed the pictures were taken simply "to get laughs," according to the website.

Judge Steven Olson fined Hart $303 over the incidents.

Hart's brother, Ryan Hart, reportedly photographed him lying in the plank pose on top of a police car, as well as merchandise displays at stores like Walmart and Lowe's.

Ryan Hart also faces trial on disorderly conduct charges for allegedly lying across a police memorial monument, the website reported.