Winds likely contributed to Texas pelicans killed by traffic

Strong winds and high tides may have contributed to the deaths of more than 60 brown pelicans killed by oncoming traffic along a highway near Texas' border with Mexico.

The Brownsville Herald reports ( ) that northerly winds and surging tides Thursday likely pushed pelicans to roost near a concrete traffic divider on a highway connecting Port Isabel and Brownsville, Texas.

Tom deMaar, senior veterinarian at Brownsville's Gladys Porter Zoo, was driving when he saw the birds close to oncoming traffic.

DeMaar and a sheriff's deputy stopped and tried to get the pelicans to relocate. But traffic moved fast through the area — where speed limits are 75 miles per hour — and 64 pelicans were killed.

Authorities later posted temporary signs warning drivers of pelicans in the roadway.


Information from: The Brownsville Herald,