Washington state police investigating after video appears to show officer kicking teen

A Washington state police department is investigating a controversial video that surfaced over the weekend that appeared to show an officer pepper spray and kick a teen to the ground.

In the video posted to Facebook on Sunday, a group of people are seen fighting as an officer can be heard yelling “get on the ground now” and attempting to break up the brawl. The teen is seen apparently being pepper sprayed and holding his face. He staggers before he appears to be kicked in the back by the officer.

The incident took place at the Central Washington State Fair -- located about 140 miles southeast of Seattle. The video was posted on Sunday.

Roughly 15 people were involved in the fight, and four teenagers were arrested, according to the Yakima Herald, citing police.

The Yakima Police Department issued a statement saying it is aware of the video involving an “officer using force while effecting an arrest last night.”

“Maintaining public trust is one of our highest priorities, and in doing so, investigators will be collecting all available evidence as it pertains to a use of force review,” Gary Jones, the interim chief, said. “Police officers are often faced with difficult situations that require immediate assessment of circumstances in order to protect the community and themselves.”

The department did not offer any additional details regarding the officer in question.

A witness told ABC News the teen was a local high school student.

Jasmin Hernandez Cervera, who posted the video to Facebook, told the outlet there were no weapons, just kids fighting.

Bill Pickett, a Yakima attorney who claims to be representing the teen, called the officer’s actions “abusive and unacceptable conduct.”

“The family wants justice,” Pickett told the Herald. “They need to know that they are heard, and they need to know that this type of conduct is wrong and they need to know that this is going to stop.”

There were no injuries reported, and those sprayed with mace received treatment, the paper reported citing police.