Washington man attacked by coyotes near elementary school

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A Washington man was attacked Friday by three coyotes while he took his dog for a walk near an elementary school in the town of Kent, which is south of Seattle, Q13fox.com reported.

The Seattle station reported that Faron Scarberry suffered bruises on his knuckles and scratches on his left arm in the attack and was forced to receive 26 rabies shots.

Scarberry was walking his dog- a puggle- when he was approached by the pack. One lunged at him and another took hold of his pant leg and started shaking.

Scarberry said the coyotes likely wanted to put his puggle on the menu, but he managed to resist the attack and the coyotes ran back under a fence.

Wildlife experts said this December is the time of year coyotes are out searching for their food. And coyotes eat just about anything.

Wildlife experts said lids should be kept secure on trash cans to keep coyotes away. They also said coyotes typically scare easy with loud noises.

Claudia Johnson and her kids frequently walk the area near where Scarberry was attacked. She said her cat was attacked last year in the same neighborhood.

"We kept our animals in for quite some time after that," Johnson said.

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