Wandering 4-year old hit by truck on California highway

A 4-year-old boy reportedly suffered major injuries after being struck by a pickup truck on a San Diego highway Tuesday.

The boy, according to CBS News 8, was wandering alone in the rain on an Interstate-15 off-ramp just after midnight when he was hit. The child was taken to a local hospital with a bloody forehead.

The station reported that when the driver of the truck spotted the boy, he hit the brakes and swerved in a bid to avoid the child. However, the driver apparently was unable to avoid the 4-year-old, clipping him as he attempted to stop. The headlight of the truck was broken as a result of the impact.


After knocking the boy down, the pickup truck driver and another motorist stopped and called 911, CBS News 8 reported. It was not immediately clear why the boy was walking around in the area at that time.

The California Highway Patrol is investigating the crash and a police officer said intoxication likely didn’t play a role in the incident.

Fox News' Michael Sinkewicz contributed to this report.