A group of strangers has come together to give a special gift to a Colorado girl whose father is suffering from state four brain cancer.

After hearing the story of 12-year-old Madison Avent and her father Dallas, volunteers restored a 1969 Ford F-100 pickup truck that has been passed down in their family for generations. Avent will now be able to also pass it down to his daughter.

“It’s just amazing, I don't know what words there are,” Avent told KDVR.

Avent told the station that the truck was originally purchased by his grandfather.

“He had given it to my dad, then my dad passed it on to me, and now we`re in the process of passing it to my daughter,” he said.

After hearing about Avent’s wish to pass the truck down to Madison, local radio station KPBI asked its listeners to give donations to cover the costs of the restoration. A group of volunteers then spent two and a half weeks restoring it, and the station presented the truck to Avent and Madison on Friday.

Madison said she has driven in the truck for as long as she can remember, and was amazed to see its transformation.

“It was all just plain blue,” Madison told KDVR. “I’m just speechless.”

A fund has also been established for Madison with the extra donations raised.

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