A Virginia woman hopes to deliver 30,000 meals to the homeless before she turns 30, ABC News reported, and she plans to pay for the meals with coupons.

Lauren Puryear turns 30 next year. She has fed 5,572 people since she started couponing and hopes to increase that number in the coming year by enlisting friends and family to shop with her.

“My first couponing experience ever was canned vegetables, she told ABC News. “I was able to get them for four cents a can at Dollar General so I bought 420 cans and I added chicken and rice to that meal.”

She told the station she devotes up to 10 hours a week searching for deals and gets her inspiration by doing good in the world.

“Just knowing that we’re making a difference in someone’s life, that’s the most rewarding thing and what keeps me going,” she said.

Her next delivery? Puryear says she's aiming to feed 1,200 people in Washington, D.C. next month.