Virginia fugitive Wesley Thomason arrested in Mexico 12 years later

A Virginia man charged with sex crimes involving underage girls is back in custody after spending 12 years on the lam, reports.

Wesley Thomason was 27 in 2000 when he was arrested, accused of enticing underage girls with illegal drugs to have consensual sex with him, said Fairfax County Police Officer Bud Walker, according to the station.

Thomason was jailed without bond in the case at the county’s adult detention center, but was later released pending trial and fled to Mexico.

"Earlier this year, the United States Marshals Service developed some type of information about where he was living in Mexico, provided that to Mexican law enforcement, and it was the Mexican authorities that finally captured him," Walker said.

Now 39 years old, Thomason is back in jail in Fairfax County.

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