A leftist college student physically assaulted and cursed at a conservative leader on Wednesday, grabbing for the man’s phone multiple times in an attempt to prevent him from filming the exchange, according to video of the encounter posted on social media.

West Virginia University Left Alliance president Kelley Denham was identified as the attacker by a source who spoke to The College Fix. Denham is seen in the video being physically and verbally abusive to a member of the conservative Turning Point USA chapter at WVU.


The two groups were reportedly meeting to organize a joint debate when discussions broke down. The beginning of the video shows Denham telling the conservative students, “Yeah, you guys should leave.” The tape soon ends, which is when one student, Kaitlynn Critchfield, told The College Fix that Denham pushed her into a wall and tried stealing her phone.

“A leftist/communist organization physically assaulted my friends and I for being conservative…AFTER we left the meeting peacefully and didn’t go back,” Critchfield wrote on Facebook. “We were chased after down the hall by this man then assaulted!”

When the cellphone camera was switched back on, Denham can be seen physically engaging with one of the conservative students and Denham berates the man with a slew of curses.

“I’m honestly surprised it took [Denham] this long to do this,” The College Fix’s source said. “…There is a real problem with the fetishization of violence in the rad-left movement at large, which needs to be solved.”

Neither Denham nor the WVU Left Alliance adviser immediately responded to an email from Fox News.