Video emerges of mob beating Chicago man while yelling 'don't vote Trump'

Police said Thursday they were investigating video that appeared online showing a group of people pummeling a man in Chicago while yelling “You voted Trump?” and “Don’t vote Trump!”


The brutal attack in the city’s North Lawndale neighborhood made the rounds on social media after it appeared on Twitter late Wednesday. It's not clear who recorded it, or when.

The video showed two men punching and kicking a man in the street while a crowd of onlookers shouted “Beat his a—” and “steal his stuff.”

One of the attackers then jumped in the man’s car and sped off, with the man hanging on to the rear driver’s side window.

It is unclear whether the man who took the blows voted for president-elect Donald Trump, or if he was a Trump supporter.

Chicago police told DNAInfo Thursday they were investigating. Trump lost Illinois to Hillary Clinton.