A heartless crook swiped a $20 bill from an 84-year-old woman inside of a Bronx bodega last Friday, police said.

The suspect was caught on surveillance camera committing the brazen act inside the store on Saint Ann’s Avenue near Linda Ballou Way in Mott Haven about 10:10 a.m. Friday, cops said.

The victim, Shirley Weston, was standing at the counter, holding the bill in her right hand, when the suspect walked in and snatched it, according to ABC 7 NY.

Weston, who was with her daughter, told the outlet she was confused, thinking the suspect “knows both of us” or “was playing around.”

But the bill-snatcher, according to Weston, barked, “’This is my money,'” and “‘I ain’t giving nothing back.'”

Weston’s daughter, Deborah, then confronted the woman, the report said.

“She put the money in my hand,” the daughter told the network, “and when I looked, it was a dollar.”


Realizing it was not her mother’s $20 bill, Deborah chased after the woman, and engaged in a brief scuffle before the suspect fled, the report said.

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