Video captures Kansas man smashing pumpkins in broad daylight, homeowner says

A Kansas family’s plea to social media to help nab the man who smashed their sons’ pumpkins in broad daylight was answered Monday evening, according to a Facebook post.

Chris Leiszler, of Lawrence, Kan., said that anonymous tipsters led to the identity of the alleged pumpkin smasher, who along with his "two accomplices will be coming over to our house tomorrow to apologize."

"I showed up at his fraternity this evening with a police officer, and the kid 'fessed up," Leiszler said.

Leiszler posted surveillance footage to Facebook last week capturing what appeared to be a young man hurling several pumpkins off their porch.

“If you happen to recognize the jerk in the video, let him know that the two guys in the picture would like to have a word with him,” Leiszler said on Facebook on Thursday, along with a photo of his two kids angrily overlooking the pulverized remains of what used to be their pumpkins.

In the video, the man can be seen chucking three pumpkins against the cement, before bolting down the road.

Leiszler told the Wichita Eagle that he bought the surveillance camera after several of Halloween decorations were stolen from his porch last year. The boys who carved the pumpkins are 9 and 6 years old.

“This has been happening year after year, and we are sick and tired of it,” Leiszler said. “Last year, we had some large and fairly expensive decorations stolen from our porch, and that’s what prompted us to buy the security camera.”

Leiszler said he won’t press charges or “publicly shame them by releasing their full names,” if he feels the “apology to be sincere” and that “they’ve learned their lesson.” He also asked social media to help him come up with a community service project.