Victim's fiance speaks out after illegal immigrant accused in deadly car crash

The fiancé of a California woman killed in a car crash -- allegedly by a drunken driver who'd been deported five times -- spoke out Wednesday, saying sanctuary policies in the U.S. have led to a broken system with deadly consequences.

Sandra Duran was driving home from her Los Angeles church last month when police said the illegal immigrant smashed into her car at an intersection, killing her.


The man behind the wheel, 45-year-old Estuardo Alvarado, was escaping the scene of a previous traffic accident on Feb. 19 just before the deadly crash, investigators said. Since 1998, Alvarado had been sent back to Mexico five times, most recently in 2011, The L.A. Times reported. But officials said Alvarado returned yet again.

“Our system failed us. Our system failed us,” Duran’s fiancé, Rodrigo Macias, told “Fox & Friends” on Wednesday. “Pertaining to these illegal immigrants, criminal illegal immigrants that are being harbored here because of [elected officials]. Because our city’s almost a sanctuary city.”


Duran and Macias were set to be married this summer. Instead, Macias and Duran’s two children – one of whom was in the car with Duran the day she died – spent a winter day burying Duran.

Macias has since become an outspoken critic of so-called “sanctuary cities” and the criminal illegal aliens who have taken advantage of an often-lax enforcement system.

“People watching that are for sanctuary cities need to pay attention what is going on in these cities,” he said. “I mean, we have these criminals that are roaming around the cities, and us not being protected as American citizens.”

Macias now must wait for justice when Alvarado, whom Macias says has had multiple D.U.I.’s, goes on trial. And he can’t shake the feeling that a Swiss-cheese immigration system is the entire reason his life changed.

“Our life is broken forever,” Macias said. “As a matter of fact, if there was an American citizen that had that rap sheet, that had those multiple felonies, multiple D.U.I.’s, I wouldn't be speaking to you right now.”

Fox News' Ainsley Earhardt and Kim Kern contributed to this report.