A judge has revoked bail for two Philadelphia mob figures after a split verdict in a racketeering case.

But reputed boss Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi wants out of prison after the jury deadlocked Tuesday on his role in the gambling and loansharking enterprise, and acquitted him of other counts.

The 73-year-old Ligambi has spent two years in custody awaiting trial. He'll spend at least another night waiting for a bail hearing to be set.

His nephew, George Borgesi, has a bail hearing Wednesday afternoon. The jury also deadlocked on Borgesi's racketeering count and acquitted him of other counts.

A federal judge on Wednesday revoked bail for reputed mob capo Anthony "Ant" Staino, convicted of loansharking, and mob associate Gary Battaglini, convicted of racketeering.

Prosecutors have not yet announced if they'll retry the unresolved counts.