A Las Vegas defense attorney isn't the only African-American lawyer in the nation to refuse a judge's request to remove a "Black Lives Matter" pin in a courtroom.

Attorney Andrea Burton told The Associated Press on Wednesday that she and her lawyer settled a federal civil rights lawsuit in Youngstown, Ohio, with an agreement that Burton can wear her pin in the courthouse — but not in the courtroom.

Attorney Erika Ballou is facing a similar situation in Nevada — and won't be able to keep the pin on her blouse in the courtroom if her case follows the same course as Burton's.

Ballou and attorneys who support her say they intend to wear the pins in court again on Thursday, possibly bringing another confrontation with a judge.

In the Ohio case, the judge's attorney, John Juhasz (YOU'-haz) Jr., says case law shows defense lawyers are in court to represent their clients' interests, not their own.