US delivers Tunisia 2nd military transport plane to bolster fight against terrorism

Tunisia's defense minister says the country has received a second C-130 military transport from the U.S. to help defend its frontiers and fight terrorism.

During a ceremony Thursday at the Aouina airbase near the capital Tunis, Minister Ghazi Jribi welcomed U.S. assistance in facing the country's security challenges.

Tunisia is sandwiched between Algeria, home of North Africa's al-Qaida branch and Libya, which is awash in battling militias and sophisticated weapons.

Tunisia received a first C-130 late last year and has also concluded deals to receive speedboats to guard its coasts, advanced helicopters as well as night vision equipment.

In August Gen. David Rodriguez of the U.S. African command said Tunisia would receive $60 million in military aid in 2015 in addition to $100 million given since 2011.