US Attorney in NYC announces extradition of 4 men in international drug, gun case

Federal prosecutors in New York say they've extradited four men from Mexico and Colombia as part of a three-year international drug investigation.

The U.S. Attorney's office in Manhattan unveiled charges Friday against the men, including a top figure in the Colombia-based La Oficina de Envigado narcotics group.

The men were extradited earlier this month.

Authorities say La Oficina de Envigado head Ericson Vargas Cardona was charged with conspiracy to traffic cocaine and possessing weapons, including rocket-propelled grenades.

They say Mexican La Familia Michoacan drug cartel members Ricardo Quintero and Jesus Dominguez Gallardo were charged with conspiracy to import methamphetamine and cocaine.

Another man, Diego Vallejo-Reyes, was extradited from Colombia on charges he conspired to traffic cocaine aboard U.S.-registered aircraft.

Attorneys for the men didn't return calls seeking comment.