UPS worker caught on video throwing boxes

What can brown do for you? One suggestion: Stop throwing packages around.

Just in time for the Christmas season – and the Christmas present delivery season – video has gone viral of a UPS worker in Hawaii appearing to casually and forcefully toss boxes from the back of his truck.

"This is not how we train our drivers."

— UPS statement

The video shows a worker in a UPS uniform throwing boxes from inside his truck on to a mound of boxes behind the vehicle. Several boxes tumble down the package embankment before landing on the ground.

“This is not how we train our drivers,” UPS said in a statement obtained by KHON. “UPS emphasizes delivery care and safety for placement of packages in vehicles and handling, despite a busy day and increased volume at this time of year.

“We identified the driver, took corrective action and have been engaged with the customer at this delivery location. We would not discuss specific individual personnel matters.”

The person who shot the video asked KHON to remain anonymous, but told the station the incident occurred Wednesday around lunchtime in the Waikiki area.

UPS said in the statement that it delivers more than 18 million packages each day, and that number can skyrocket during the holiday season.

“Mistakes – both human and machine – are made,” the statement said.