Two-year-old Evan Brenneman is enamored with the orange trash truck that stops at his Plainfield, Ind., home each week to the point that he’s befriended the driver.

While waiting to greet Ray’s Trash Service driver James Bullock from his home Thursday, Evan was surprised with a backpack full of swag from the trash hauler that included a T-shirt, beanie, stickers and a miniature orange trash truck.

“Now you are an official Ray’s employee,” Bullock said as he pulled the backpack out the truck.

Evan was left speechless before thanking Bullock.

The boy has been fascinated with anything on wheels since he was 9 months old, his mother Natalie Brenneman told the Indianapolis Star. The fascination led to the pair waiting from their porch to greet the trash truck as its makes its rounds each Thursday.

"We can hear it coming down the road, so he would run to the window and watch it," Natalie Brenneman said. "Oh my gosh, my heart bursts every time. I know he’s in the middle of his workday and probably wants to get it done quickly, but he stops and talks to Evan. He always gets down on his level, looks him in the eye, gives him a hug, offers him a high-five."

Eventually, Evan wanted to meet the driver.

"One day, James popped out and said, 'Hey do you want to come see the truck?'" Brenneman said.

Evan has Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic disorder that makes his body think he is constantly hungry, FOX 59 Indianapolis reported. The trash company has twice sponsored the family’s annual walk to raise awareness and funding for PWS research, Brenneman said.

Bullock and Evan, who will turn 3 this month, have formed a bond over their trash pickup meet and greets. Bullock recently joined the family in an early birthday celebration for Evan.

The downside, Evans mother said, was "He was disappointed that James did not bring the garbage truck with him to the party."