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Announced. Google unveils an Uber rival.

Under fire. Snapchat filters to “beautify” or add crowns of flowers also lighten skin, leading some to accuse the tech company of “whitewashing.”

Stopped. Teacher touting a McDonald's fad diet has stopped visiting schools.

A serious transaction. Warren Buffett purchased more than 9.8 million shares in Apple, worth around $1.1 billion.

Game on. The tech world is a-buzz with speculation of a new Microsoft game console.

An improvement. Twitter plans to stop counting photos or links in its 140-character limit.

Won’t stand down. A 14-year-old has turned down $30 million for his new invention, which provides a solution to easily get first-aid supplies at different locations.

Not so fast. The Uber driver responsible for the lawsuit earlier this year that challenged the company’s structure, is objecting to the $100 million settlement.