Triple-dog dare? New Hampshire girl gets tongue stuck to flagpole

In a scene straight out of “A Christmas Story,” a New Hampshire girl got her tongue stuck to a flagpole after licking it during a blizzard.

And it wasn’t even a triple-dog dare.

Maddie Gilmartin, 12, of East Kingston, said she was helping her dad clean up outside last week when an idea popped into her head to stick her tongue on a flagpole.

Gilmartin thought her tongue would come right off, but it didn’t, WMUR reports.

"I see her standing at the flagpole, her arms are waving," said Maddie's dad, Shawn Gilmartin.  "I'm not sure what's going on until I got closer."

Gilmartin’s tongue was stuck to the flagpole for 15 minutes until her parents were able to free her using warm water. Her tongue bled while her parents were trying to remove it from the flag pole, and swelling in her mouth is expected to last around six weeks.

Gilmartin said she has learned her lesson.

"Just think before you do something,” she told WMUR.

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