Trial begins for boss accused of killing employee's husband in daycare parking lot

The trial of a former General Electric boss accused of murdering his employee's husband in the parking lot of a daycare center began Tuesday with testimony from the victim's widow.

Andrea Sneiderman denied that she was having an affair with her boss, Hemy Neuman. Neuman is accused of gunning down Sneiderman's husband, Rusty, while he was dropping of their son at a daycare center. Sneiderman was the first witness for the prosecution.

Neuman's estranged wife has claimed he was having an affair with Sneiderman. Sneiderman said there was no affair, and she denied multiple romantic advances from Neuman.

“There was this email about ‘marry me, love me,’ which seemed just completely ridiculous,” said Sneiderman.

Neuman and Sneiderman did a lot of traveling together, which she said she continued to do even though her boss made her uncomfortable. She said she asked him many times to stop sending her suggestive emails.

DeKalb County Assistant District Attorney Don Geary read emails from Neuman to Sneiderman, including one that included a line about the two of them waking up together in Tahoe and Denver.

“We were holding each other’s hands, and that’s it. It may sound worse than it is, but to me, that was a betrayal,” Sneiderman said.

She said she never reported the instances because she was worried she may lose her job.

Neuman has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity in the case. His attorney's claim he was delusional, and had visions of being visited by a demon sounding like Barry White and an angel appearing like Olivia Newton-John at the time of the murder.

They say he also had delusions about the relationship between himself and the Sneiderman's children.

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