Thousands of dollars and well-wishes have been pouring in from across the country for the family of a father of four who was shot dead on Black Friday as he tried to stop a 21-year-old man from battering a woman in the parking lot of a Walmart in San Antonio, Texas.

Police told local news station KSAT 12 that the good Samaritan father, 39-year-old Isidro Zarate, was trying to stop 21-year-old Teles Juarez from assaulting the woman when Juarez pulled a gun and fired multiple shots at him.


According to The Washington Post, at about 4 p.m. as he waited inside his car in the parking lot for his wife of 22 years, Lisa Benavides, Zarate noticed Juarez and a woman arguing. Juarez reportedly grabbed the woman by her hair and started beating her.

Police say Zarate pulled his car up to the couple and shouted at Juarez, "Take your hands off her." At that point Juarez reached for his gun.

"All [Zarate] did was verbally say, 'Take your hands off her,' " San Antonio Police Chief William McManus told reporters. "At that point, the assailant pulled a firearm and started shooting."

He died in the parking lot after a gunshot hit him in the neck. A woman riding in the car with him was hit by shrapnel or flying glass and a stray bullet also flew through the Walmart parking lot, wounding a third woman.

Juarez was later arrested after he fled the scene.

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