Thieves steal copper pipes from multiple New Jersey churches

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Thieves apparently targeting older buildings have stolen copper pipes from multiple New Jersey churches, myFOXny reports.

Copper drain pipes were stolen from St. Ann's in Hoboken over the weekend, and nearby Our Lady of Grace Tuesday. Copper pipes were also stolen from a school down the road.

Father Alexander Santora of Our Lady of Grace said the thieves also tried to steal a copper bowl that is part of a 9/11 memorial. He said the thefts are devastating, as his church was already struggling to make ends meet.

"They're probably going to get 60 to 70 bucks for what they stole, but the damage is going to cost us probably close to a $1,000," he said.

Father Vinny Fortunato of St. Ann's, said his church will most likely be forced to ask their congregation for help in replacing the pipes, as they cannot afford it on their own.

"It's probably the lowest of the low," he said.

Investigators say the thieves are most likely targeting older buildings because they tend to have copper piping. They say the thieves are probably trying to make a few bucks off the copper in a scrap yard, and are targeting the buildings at night.

Both church leader said they welcome anyone who needs money to come and ask their churches for help, rather than steal from them.

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