The Latest on the case of LGBTQ discrimination at an Oregon high school.

6:30 p.m.:

The principal of an Oregon high school will resign and its school district will commit to improving the climate for LGBTQ students as part of a settlement reached between the American Civil Liberties Union of Oregon and the district. The case involved two girls who were a couple and complained to the state education department that they suffered harassment at the school, not only from students but also from staff.

The ACLU of Oregon sent to The Associated Press copies of the agreements, signed by North Bend School District Superintendent Bill Yester and the complainants, Olivia Funk and Hailey Smith.

Mat dos Santos, legal director at the ACLU of Oregon, said it sends a clear message to everyone at the district: There are serious consequences if you break the law by discriminating against LGBTQ students or engaging in religious proselytization at public schools. Punishment for gay and straight students had included forced reading of the Bible.