The latest on an attack at a Nashville-area movie theater (all times local):

7:50 a.m.

Just two days before an attack at a Nashville-area movie theater, the mother of the man police say is responsible told police he was missing.

According to a missing persons report, Denise Pruett, the mother of 29-year-old Vincente David Montano, contacted police in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, on Monday. She told them her son was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in April 2006.

The report says she said she had not seen him since March 2013. The report also says that in May 2015, authorities in Texas contacted her and said she needed to file a missing persons report in Murfreesboro. But it does not specify why Texas authorities were concerned he was missing or believed he was in Tennessee.

The Murfreesboro report says Pruett brought with her a copy of a Tennessee identification card for Montano that listed an address for Nashville Rescue a homeless shelter. The report lists his address as "homeless" and says he "has a hard time taking care of himself."

Attempts to reach Pruett through phone numbers listed for her and other messages have been unsuccessful.


3:37 a.m.

What initially appeared to be another mass shooting at a movie theater is beginning to look more like the last desperate act of a severely disturbed homeless man who may have had no intention of harming large numbers of people — but perhaps knew he himself could be killed.

Police say the 29-year-old man identified as Vincente David Montano bought a ticket for "Mad Max: Fury Road" in southern Nashville and entered with pepper spray, a pellet gun and an ax. He fired the pepper spray at several people in the audience before a police officer summoned by other theatergoers confronted him. Montano was shot dead by a SWAT team as he tried to escape out of a back door.

Metro Nashville Police spokesman Don Aaron says Montano had been treated at least four times for psychiatric issues.