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A U.S. court ruled this week that the Federal Trade Commission can sanction your company after a cyber attack. The decision is part of an ongoing lawsuit the FTC has filed against Wyndham Hotels. The company was hacked three times since 2008, leading to the theft of more than 600,000 customers' personal data.

If you think your local shop or maverick startup is sheltered from the recent volatility in the global markets, think again. Entrepreneur.com editorial director Ray Hennessey says all small business needs to consider uncertainty in the stock markets.

In crowdfunding news, a Denver, Colo.-based startup is launching an equity crowdfunding campaign to build a business jet that can land and take-off like a helicopter, reports our Geoff Weiss. XTI Aircraft says the new flight technology can transform air travel into a door-to-door service that could eliminate the need for airports.

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