When someone gives you good advice, it's nice to pay it forward. Read on to see how one entrepreneur's advice influenced another entrepreneur, who, in turn, offered advice to someone else -- and so on.

Noah Kagan

chief sumo, SumoMe

Adam Gilbert told me, “Discomfort is your compass.” My story seems to revolve around missed opportunities. I was an early employee at Facebook and Mint, but left (or was fired) before massive financial gain. It’s easy to give up when you face significant adversity, and his words help me persist when I face hard challenges.

Adam Gilbert

founder, MyBodyTutor.com

Al Pittampalli told me, “In deciding your next step, ask one question: What can I become the best in the world at?” It helped me think about how we could be different from the billion other companies out there. We became laser-focused on being the best at helping people reach their goals -- and then we had to offer something no one else did.

Al Pittampalli

founder, MCW Consulting

Blake Eastman told me, “Focus on the process, not the outcome.” My book Persuadable took three years to write, but I convinced myself it wasn’t good. Blake, founder of The Nonverbal Group, helped me shift my focus from writing a great book -- an overwhelming thought -- to making small daily progress. It allowed me to finish.

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