The Battle for New York

Bernie Sanders claiming Bill Clinton’s presidency was harmful to African-Americans.

He appeared on four Sunday shows, and backed off his claim Hillary Clinton was unqualified, but he opened a new line of attack saying she lacked judgement. Sanders said, “She may have the experience to be president of the United States. No one can argue that. But in terms of her judgment, something is clearly lacking.”

Sanders easily won Wyoming Saturday but actually got less delegates than Hillary Clinton when you include super delegates.

New Fox News polling from New York and Pennsylvania has good news for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump gets 54% in New York.. well about the 50% threshold he would need to get all the state’s delegates. John Kasich gets 22%, and Ted Cruz gets 15%.

Hillary Clinton has 53% to Bernie Sanders 37%.

In Pennsylvania, Trump gets 48%, Kasich 22% and Ted Cruz 20%.

Hillary Clinton has 49% to Sanders 38%.

President Obama appeared on Fox News Sunday for the first time of his presidency yesterday. He offered a strong defense of Hillary Clinton over the email controversy. He also said she wouldn’t get any special treatment from the Justice Department. President Obama said, “Here's what I know; Hillary Clinton was an outstanding Secretary of State.  She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy.”

Ted Cruz stepping up the pressure on Trump over delegates.

The Washington Post writing today:

Donald Trump used his first campaign rally in western New York to attack Sen. Ted Cruz for something the Texan happily boasts about: mastering party rules to elect his delegate slates to the Republican National Convention.

"They're trying to subvert the movement," Trump said to thousands of voters crammed into a frigid airplane hangar Sunday. "They can't do it with bodies, so they're trying to subvert the movement with crooked shenanigans."

The Rochester rally was only Trump's second in the 14-day New York campaign, and his first since Cruz swept Colorado's 34 available delegates in a series of conventions. Trump's hastily assembled delegate-chasing operation, which had been optimistic about the state, bumbled through a series of votes and came out empty there.

The Wall Street Journal writing today:

“The party conventions across the country typically get little national attention. But while Mr. Trump has recently reorganized and beefed up his campaign staff to focus on them, the scramble is an insider’s contest that plays to one of Mr. Cruz’s strengths: his ties with seasoned political activists. They turned out in force in Colorado, where he dominated the state’s raucous and chaotic convention system and picked up all 34 delegates available. They also delivered in Iowa, where Republicans on Saturday—more than two months after the state held its caucus for voters—began the process of picking delegates to the July national convention. Cruz supporters won 11 of the 12 that were up for grabs in Iowa.”

The New York Times today writes about the intriguing possibility of Paul Ryan running for President:

“While Mr. Ryan has repeatedly said that he has no intention of becoming his party’s nominee this year, he is already deep into his own parallel national operation to counter Donald J. Trump and help House and Senate candidates navigate the political headwinds that Mr. Trump would generate as the party’s standard-bearer — or, for that matter, Senator Ted Cruz, who is only slightly more popular. Mr. Ryan is creating a personality and policy alternative to run alongside the presidential effort — one that provides a foundation to rebuild if Republicans splinter and lose in the fall.”

There are new AP-GfK Times polls on President Obama.. suggesting half now approve of the job President Obama is doing.

New details coming from the man busted Friday in the Brussels and Paris terror attacks. We’ve also learned the terrorists who hit Belgium killing 35 people had originally planned on another attack on Paris. Specifically, “La Defense” a business and shopping district in Paris.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron to address Parliament today about his inheritance after ties to offshore accounts in the Panama Papers scandal came to light.

Secretary of State John Kerry visited the Hiroshima bomb site in Japan.. the highest ranking U.S. official to visit the place where the U.S. set off the first atomic bomb used in war time.

Earnings season kicks off today with Alcoa. Analysts believe American companies struggled to show growth the past quarter.

The Daily Mail is reportedly among the potential buyers for Yahoo!

President Obama will meet with Fed Chief Janet Yellen today to talk about the state of the economy.

Oil and gas prices are trending higher, but today oil fell below $40/barrel again.

A Dubai company says it will build the world’s tallest skyscraper in Dubai.

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