The battle back home: Vets fight to overcome PTSD

The increasing number of those in the military suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder is raising concern.

In the past decade, more than 118,000 men and women in the military have been diagnosed with PTSD.  As many as 20 percent of Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans have PTSD, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A new documentary by filmmaker Ric Roman Waugh, “That Which I Love Destroys Me,” focuses on the stigma of PTSD and how our returning veterans deal with the anxiety disorder. Waugh is a Hollywood writer and director.

The film is told from the perspective of special operations soldiers Waugh told They share their experiences from the battlefield and how those events impact their daily lives.

“To bear their own journeys here and tell it from the warrior’s point of view … of how hard reintegration is, dealing with PTSD at their level," said Waugh. "These are special operations guys who are [assumed] to not to have to deal with these types of issues."

The soldiers in the documentary, he explains, show “PTSD knows no boundaries – anyone is susceptible to these issues.”

While Waugh says he trusts the figures on PTSD given by the VA, the actual figures could be much higher.

“I don’t think those [numbers] are realistic of what’s really going to happen with the wave of men and women coming back with PTSD,” said Waugh. “Those figures also don’t account for the private contractors that are also overseas.”

He says the public shouldn’t assume PTSD is an issue for those on the battlefield, but also being experienced by many support staff in the military.

The film is hoping to tell those suffering with PTSD that it’s okay to ask for help.

“Go ahead and open up to your own peers and start talking to somebody -- don’t try to tackle these issues on your own,” said Waugh. “Then, when you are ready, seek professional help … that’s not going understand what you went through, but are going to understand the road you are going to be on.”

Check out for a list of screenings in cities and military installations across the U.S.