An El Paso, Texas, high school dance teacher was jailed without bond Thursday on charges of sexual exploitation of minors and possessing child pornography, allegedly including 200 videotapes of himself having sex with as many as 70 children, some of whom were elementary school age.

Federal agents testified that they found the videos in the home of 34-year-old Marco Alferez. The agents said the videos showed Alferez having sex with children as young as elementary school age, the El Paso Times reported.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent Gilbert Campa testified he found 12 VHS tapes, each about four to six hours long, and 107 8-mm tapes of Alferez having sex with children. Campa said ICE agents have been able to identify 65 to 70 victims in the homemade videos, and it appeared that Alferez tried hide the camera during the sexual acts.

Officials said that in one video Alferez is seen turning on the video camera, covering it with a shirt and then leaving the room, shortly before he returned to the room with a young girl to have sex with her.

Campa also testified Alferez admitted downloading child pornography, as well as making the videos of himself with children. Alferez appeared upset, Campa said, and made statements that "his life was over," the El Paso times reported.

Agents also testified that Alferez admitted being sexually abused as a child and expressed relief at his arrest.

David Kimmelman, Alferez's attorney, did not immediately return a phone message Thursday to the Associated Press. Alferez has not yet entered a plea.

He began teaching at El Paso Irvin High School in 2008. School officials said Alferez has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The Associated Press contributed to this report